New Defibrillator Harty Park

The club has recently updated the defibrillator(AED) which is situated at the clubhouse In Harty Park Murroe. The case containing the defibrillator  is now situated on the side wall of the clubhouse as you walk into the field. There is now a four digit code to get access to the defibrillator and no key is now required. The access code is 2222. After entering the correct code you need to touch the tick mark to confirm you have entered the correct code. Please store this access code safely so you will know the code if required in the case of an emergency.

The importance of having a locally situated defibrillator   was seen recently when the club defibrillator was used when a local teenager collapsed and the defibrillator had to be put into action.

The club is currently fundraising to install a second defibrillator in our second gaa field. Any person wishing to contribute towards the cost of purchasing this defibrillator can contact the club vice chairman Niall Fitzpatrick on 087-2309566 or any club member.

Defibrillator training is currently taking place with club members.